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Is anyone else also facing constant issues with TERR service in Node Manager

Esteban Jenkins

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When TERR was run as part of a Statistics Services, we never had issues. Then TIBCO decided to move this to work as a Node Manager, and we made this transition as well. Since then, we have only been facing troubles after troubles. We even have been recommended to switch back to Statistics Services even tho the way forward is with TERR as a Node Manager.

I just want to confirm is this is only happening in our environment, or if all other users/companies are facing issues when using TERR as a service in a Node Manager.


The current version of TERR service is


Thank you all!

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Hi Esteban,

Which version of TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services (TSSS) are you comparing with TERR Service (TERRSRV) 1.2.3


Are you running each TERRSRV node on its own server, not sharing the server with any other app (not even any other TERRSRV nodes, or aWeb Player instance)


What specific differences in behavior have you experienced between TSSS and TERRSRV


Do theseinvolve specific types of data function


-- such as


(a) upload of extremely large data sets before running the TERR script, or


(b) using a simple "round trip" data function (such as 'output

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One thing that was not obvious is that TERR MUST be run on its own server node and not share a node function with any other service. We found that while the service can be installed and will start up on a node running another service, there are port issues whenever the service restarts.

TERR runs on its own node on its own server.

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