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Michelle Lacy

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When setting up my Oracle data connection using Data Connectors, as the dialgoue box tries to load the tables from the database. I get the error message "ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000". I am assuming because to load the tables the connector is requesting all tables in said schema. If there are more than 1000 tables, it will not load. Is there a way to limit the number of tables the connector is pulling down



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Try using the Database connector, which allows you to create a custom query. Click on the blue "+" sign, then click on 'Other'. Click on 'Load data with ODBC, OLE DB or ADO.NET data provider', then you can select the "OracleClient Data Provider" Data source type. Enter the details for the connection to see you tables, then you can modify the SQL statement to bring in your data. This will allow you to limit the number of tables that are being accessed.
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