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Javascript API Mashup - Cross Tables Headers Disappear

Tyger Guzman 2

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I'm using the Spotfire Javascript API to render pages in a custom HTML page. The HTML page has tabs and each tab can have one or pages from the anlaysis.

As I am clicking back and forth through the Tabs headers on CrossTables disappear and do not come back until the user interacts with page.


I've tried setting each pages Active Page each time the tab changes still getting the same missing headers :


function myFunctionTest(){






I included a screen shot of the headers missing.

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No errors in console at all. and they are out of the box crosstable visuals. The only thing i notice in developer tools is the cross tables has a HTML element of sf_busy and that changes as i navigate through the tabs. Also the cross table has a render id (i assume it refreshing its self looking for new data or columns to display. as  i navigate around the render number also increases)
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