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IF Function multiple conditions

Takuya Kobayashi

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Hi, Iam trying to create calculated column using if function.

Is it possible to insert another if function within if function such as below example:

If (A,"1", IF (B,A"2","3"))

It does not seem to work.

So if condition A satisfies, I would like the function to return"1" , otherwise if condition B satisfies then "2", otherwise "3".

I am still quite new to Spotfire, help is really appreciated.

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You can use this expression

If([Column1] = value1, if([Column2] =value2, value3, value4), value5)

Here if the column1 is equal to value1 the next if statement will be executed. So it will check if Column2 is equal to value2.

If Column2 is equal to value2, value3 would be returned or else value4 will be returned.

If Column1 is not equal to value1, it would return value5

Hope that helps.

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