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A question about Configuration Block.

Abhishek Singh 7

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Hi Everyone ,

A question about Configuration Block. Can we only pass values in the setFilter or we can also pass expressions.

like i am trying the below and its not working

SetFilter(columnName = "BUSINESS_DATE", lowValue = Max([bUSINESS_DATE]), highValue =Max([bUSINESS_DATE]));

what if i want to select the max value in the filter as the default value for the initial state of analysis

Any other idea to achieve this , please share.


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Thanks for replying jots, Yes i tried the same,i created a calculated column with two fields , 'max date' and 'other dates' , but in this case user will have to look for the calculated column and check 'other dates' to see the data for other dates.

the requirement is to set the initial state of the analysis with the max date(default), and then if user wants to see other dates , he can use the range in filter panel . With calculated column the original date filter will also be greyed out.

that was the reason i was looking into conf block , trying to set the max date as the default filter value as the initial state of the analysis.

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I couldn't get that to work but how bout creating a calculated column Which checks the max business_date and sets those rows to true or false. And use that column in the config block

Not sure how complex integration you are having with these config blocks, may be if you could share some context around it, we can think of more ideas.

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