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Spotfire Scatterplot crashes after settting AxisRange with IronPhyton

arthur Boender

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I have a issue with Spotfire crashing. Following script to set the ranges of the Y axis of the scatterplot is working, but when you try to view the propertie of the Y axisof the Scatterplot after execution Spotfire crashes.


Step 1 run following script

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import ScatterPlot, IndividualScalingMode, AxisRange

valueInput = Document.Properties["INPUTDROPDOWN"]

vc = vis.As[scatterPlot]()

if(valueInput == 'ON'):

vc.YAxis.Range = AxisRange('null', 10);


vc.YAxis.Range = AxisRange('null', 100);

Step 2 Open scatterplot and view the Y Axis

Result Spotfire crashes


Regards Arthur

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