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Cumulative Probability Plot Error

Kyle Parker

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Hi All,

I am attempting to make a cumulative probability plot. My median shown in Spotfire is 102,144 and I confirmed that number in excel but when I plot a horizontal median line, it is located at 0.6 instead of 0.5. My data column is calculated to exclude zeros and my probability equation is Rank(Data) / Count(Data). I have tried multiple equations and searched the community to solve this problem but have not come up with a fix yet. Does anyone have any suggestions

Thanks in advance!


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The results seem to be correct. For the filtered data set, Median(X) = 102144 and Median(Y)=0.60. For the unfiltered data (Reset All Filters),Median(X) = 89803 and Median(Y)=0.50.You can check this by exporting the filtered data to an excel file, then open that excel file and calculate the Median of this[Oil EUR/1,000' Probit] column in MS Excel.
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