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How do I create a curve representing normalized approximation intervals for a logarithmic scatter plot

Marina Good

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I have tried numerous methods: Draw Curve from Data Table,inputting the statistical equation where it asks for the expression ([Column 1]+1.96*(Sqrt(([Column 1])*(1-[Column 1]))/100000)) based on the equation below), Line from Column Values, etc. The line does not appear on my plot even with the box checked for 'inlcuded in axis range'. Any thoughts


For reference, I am working with logarithmically plotted frequencies, and have already been able to plot the curve I want in Excel using the following statistical expression: where p-hat is my frequency ([Column 1]), n is my population (100,000)


and z is 1.96 for a 95% interval. Spotfire version I am working inis 7.5

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