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Does Spotfire support spatial queries and joins

Mark Herrmann

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Hi there,

the 20-Apr-2020 Dr. Spotfire "episode" on "Spatial Joins and Geoanalytics Tips" showed a method how to do spatial joins between hospitals and cities in order to assign a hospital to one or more cities based on its distance to that city. If I got this correctly this was done by computing the distance from every single hospital to every single city and then narrowing the huge list down to distances below a certain threshhold.

This seems to be an "expensive" method given that you discard most of the results and in our scenario (which is not geographical but simply thousands of microscopic defects on millions of transistor structures) probably not a promising approach. Instead I was wondering if Spotfire supports spatial queries and joins in Oracle as outlined here Especially a query technique where you could only retrieve the shapes / spatial objects from an Oracle database which are within a given distance from a few thousand defect locations would come in very handy.

If anyone's got experience with that or if a follow up in Dr. Spotfire would be possible, that'd be great.

Thanks, Mark

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