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How to remove ability to remove/delete a page in Tiled Tabs Navigation Mode

Brian Murphy

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We are currently using Version 7.11.1. Recently a page was removed accidentally by a user and the Dashboard saved to Library. I'm not aware of a method to easily recover the deleted page without restoring the entire database which would can problems in itself.

To prevent this from happening again I am wondering if there is a setting to remove the ability to delete a page from a dashboard while in the Tiled Tabs Navigation Mode.

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There aren't any license preferences to prevent a user from deleting a tab, but you can remove the ability to save a file to the Library, if you want to restrict the users to that degree. You can read more about assigning licenses in the Administration Manager manual, which you can download from our docs site here:




There isn't a way to restore just a single tab, you'll need to restore a backup from your database to get the entire file back.

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