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I have added a new column to a database table which is already used as a data source in spotfire .

Harry Harry

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Thanks Addy . Actually i did that but still it was not showing up and I am also aware of the process to add that in IL . Even I was expecting it to be showing when I do the refresh .

But when I once again made the connection to the database for that data source ( i just gave the password and saved it again as-is) the new column was showing ..

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If you need to show the new columns in an existing report as well, you need to use "File -> Repalce Data" with your newly edited Information Link.

If the new columns are not showing up in the data source after refreshing, in Information Designer, it might be the cache that is the culprit. Try changing the min or max number of connections, then change it back to what it was, this should have enabled the "Save" button that will release the cache and read everything a new.

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To expand on Addy's comment once the columns show in the data source you will need to add them as new column elements where your other column elements are, then you can add those to the infolink.

Once added to the infolink try and reload the table and see if the columns are added. Generally they will be added with out any fuss. No need to replace data table.

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