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How can I bind a filtering scheme [data subset] and limit data using filtering on multiple visualization

Ray Kas

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Dear community,

I would like to limit data using "limit data using filterings" on different visualization of the same page. Add to thisI would like to filter the results using subset to generate different columns.

However every time I try this, Tibco does not take in count the data filtering (from the menu data).

I would be very happy to get an other look on this matter.

Thank you

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Two filtering schemes do not work on top of one another. They work independently on the complete underlying data. The same is the case with Limit data using Marking and Limit Data using expression.

All these limiting functions (Limit data using Marking, Filtering, and Expression) are independent and work on complete underlying data table. So if you apply some filters and use some expression to limit the data in a visualization, the data which is intersected by these two functions will get displayed.

Please refer to the below documentation for more information:


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