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Can I reference a column property with a variable in TERR

Glenn Claudi-Magnussen

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Hello. This is probably basic, but I'm new to working with TERR (and R) and I'm hoping someone can help me with something.

I have a number of column properties with names like Limits.XXX.Lower, where XXX is not necessarily pre-defined. I'm trying to reference it in TERR. The current code has the column property name spelled out as follows:

MyValue = as.numeric(att$SpotfireColumnMetaData$Limits.Prod.Lower)

What I'm looking to do is assignthe name of the propertya variable, and then use the variable instead. I tried the following:

WhichLimits = "att$SpotfireColumnMetaData$Limits.Prod.Lower"

MyValue = as.numeric(WhichLimits)

When I do this I get a warning that says "NAs introduced by coercion", and of course the subsequent code didn't work as intended. Is there a way to make it work



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