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Bug Spotfire inserting blank spaces in String (import data)

Luiz Eduardo Zappa

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I'm having a problem with connecting Spotfire to PostgreSQL database. When the load method is "Keep data external" ever thing is fine, but when the load method is "Import data" then spotfire is inserting blank space to reach the string max lenght, resulting in right blank spaces in all string columns. It's a pain to trim all columns.. Is this a bug


Is there a fast way to trim all columns


Thx in advance

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To verify this, I would suggest you to create a case with TIBCO Support if you have access to it.


Apart from that, where exactly you see leading blank spaces (Column names in table plot, column data in table plot, columnn names in Column Properties) Would you be able to share screenshots that show the difference If so, I can take a look to see if there is any workaround.

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Shashank Gurnalkar,

I figure out the erro, it was in Postgre database, the type of the column was character, so the postgree was inserting blank spaces to complete the string lenght defined. I changed the type to text, and now is working as expected.

Anayway, the error was in data table view (column values), i've attached the image.

The two load methods ("Keep data external" and "Import data" ), imports with blank spaces. The difference is that the "Keep data external" has a function Leftstr() that seems to disregard blank spaces, so i did a calculated column with logical teste If(Leftstr([ColumnA]) = "XX",true,false) and everthing was ok. When a i changed the load method to "Import data", the function Lefstr() ceased to exist (why), and i have to use Left() (I think it doesn't deal with white space, so the logical tests were wrong). In this step i've noticed that the string columns were imported with blank spaces.

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