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I am trying to pass a parameter that contains multiple values to open an on demand table.

Manoj Chaurasia

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Abhishek- The website is dead :( I would love to see the instructions though.

As for what happens when I mark multipe rows, only the first parameter is passed. No errors are thrown. The SQL Log looks like this:

{ call "mydatabase"."mschema"."mystoredproc"('01AA1FC576FD4D4096B19D0727137C8D') }

I am expecting to get something like this:

{ call "mydatabase"."mschema"."mystoredproc"('01AA1FC576FD4D4096B19D0727137C8D','12341FC576FD4D4096B19D0727136589','45671FC576FD4D4096B19D0727135421','98761FC576FD4D4096B19D0727133214') }

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