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Python Data Function (PyDf) Error: Could not execute function call

Luke George

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I am trying to get python data functions working in my dashboard. I've followed the instructions as per this link:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/python-data-function-tibco-spotfire

When I run a function, I can import modules without error, I can write some simple code and run without error, I can even have input parameters in my code without error. But as soon as I set anoutput parameter,i get the following error:

Could not execute function call 'Python Script DataFunction'

File not found: C:Usersluke.georgeAppDataLocalTemptmpBE84.stdf

I have seen the solution posted here:https://community.spotfire.com/questions/python-data-function-temp-file-not-found-python-engine-version-change, but this does not fix my problem.

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It looks like you are using a custom extension of Python Data Function and not the native Python Data Function (available from 10.7 and onwards). Since I do not have the custom extension, I won't be able to test this with it.

With native PyDF, I was able to create a column which is twice of an existing column.


Create a simple script as shown above, and assign the input x to a type column and data type 'Integer'. If the column is of 'Real' data type, give it a Real data type. Don't give it multiple data types. I see that you have given multiple data types to your input parameter. After that, assign the output to a type column.

In Edit parameters, check the 'Refresh function automatically' checkbox.

In Input >> Input Handlers, select 'Columns' and select the column you want to multiply.In Output >>Output Handlers, select 'Columns' and click OK.

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The reason I'm using the custom python extension and not a native python data function is because I want to see if I can use the python exytension to implement a work around to run python in the web player...but at this stage I can't even get it working in Analyst!
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