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How to select underlying XY data on a map with interactive shapefile polygons

Mark Murray

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I have a map in Spotfire with several different polygons overlaying it. These polygons are all stored in a shapefile and loaded on the map as a feature layer. Also on the map are several xy points with data associated to them. I would like to be able to select a polygon and in turn, that polygon select all the xy points inside of it. How do I do that
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I believe by the "xy points" you meant the markers on a marker layer.

If so, you could do this:


Link the data table used by the marker layer and the table used by the feature layer, using column e.g. "polygon id".

Make the feature layer the interactive layer.

Check what marking scheme is used by the feature layer.

Go to the marker layer properties, make sure it uses the same marking scheme as the feature layer, and limit data by thismarking scheme if needed.

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