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Square grid / fixed aspect ratio in Scatter Plot

Friso Hartog

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Hi all,

In Spotfire Desktop, I want to create a scatter plot where the x and y axis keep the same aspect ratio (1:1) regardless of the data plotted or the size of the visualization on the page. It seems that this option is not available, or at least I cannot find it.

Setting the limits of the x and y axis to be the same is not a viable solution, for two reasons; 1) It is a detailed visualization, so the (x, y) values change based on what I mark in another visualization; 2) If I show/hide the legend or change the visualization size within the page, the aspect ratio of the plot changes.

See attached image for graphical representation; left is the overview plot, right is the detailed plot. Both plots should have a square aspect ratio.

Thanks in advance.

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