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Can someone tell me how to index a column

Manoj Chaurasia

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You don't index columns in Spotfire like you do in the DB world. Either the data will all be pulled into local RAM ("in-memory") which is already fast, or it will be kept in the database ("in-database") in which case you can manage your database on the database end, transparently to Spotfire.
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So doing a SUM() OVER AllPrevious() for 50 million rows is huge! That is extremely extremely intensive and you would need a monster machine for that. Can i ask what that will be used for I mean how will 50 million rows of data, and that OVER calculation actually be consumed
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Hi Sean - May i have more information on the behaviour that you are describing in this comment please  what are the determining factors for when spotfire chooses RAM vs Database for calculations 


Feel free to post any links to documentation that you think may be helpful.  thanks!

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