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Timeseries for last 30 days with respect ot filters

Martin Baumgartner

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I'm trying to make a line chart for timeseries for the last 30 days. Using "Limit data using expression" and the dateadd-function is doing the job while the time isn't filtered.

But when the user is nowshifting the latest date back, the line chart is only updating the end-date but not the starting-date.

How can I solve this issue

Thank you in advance.


BR, Martin

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Limit Data Using Expression sets a "hard filter" on a visualization to make sure that certain values are never included in the calculations behind the visualization, regardless of any filtering in the Filters panel.

Reference: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-analyst/10.8.0/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire...

As a workaround, you can use two sliders (one for start date and one for end date) from property controls in a text area and modify the custom expression with the document properties associated with those two sliders.

Please refer to the attached analysis file. I have associated the second slider only and you can modify it accordingly.

Please note that you can accomodate only 1000 values in a property control so I have added a calculated column with only Date (and not time) to fit all the Date values in the slider.

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