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finding the percentage difference of the value selected in a column by comparing all the row values in the same column

Vignesh Kannan

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I'd l

1 0.045554

2 0.055555

3. 0.044445

N 0.044443


If i select I'd 1 it should show the percentage difference like (value of I'd 1 -value of I'd 2)*100Then (value of I'd 1- value of I'd 3)*100Then so on till n I'd .Again if i select I'd 2 it should show the difference like (value of I'd 2- value of I'd 1)*100 and again repreating the same for other rows based upon the value selected.

Here always smaller value shoul be in numerator since the percentage shouldn't go above 100. ( In that case it should swap the values).

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First: Create a data function which will execute on marking such that it will collect a marked value into a document property (dp1 in my case).

Second: Create a calculated column that will evaluate the required result with the expression below. In the denominator, it will use the original Id valueand it will swap the denominator (with document property value) if the resultant percentage is greater than 100.

Abs(DocumentProperty("dp1") - [Val]) * 100 / (case when (Abs(DocumentProperty("dp1") - [Val]) * 100 / [Val])>100 then DocumentProperty("dp1") else [Val] end)You can refer to the attached DXP file.

Since it involves data function, you will require TSSS (TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services) to execute the data function on Web Player.

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