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Connecting Spotfire to AWS Athena using JDBC driver

Praveen Selvam

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Hello All,


We have connected Spotfire to AWS Athena data source using jdbc driver and we are able to see the database tables. However, how do I see the views that are created We cansee the views using a client such as SQLWorkbench/DBeaver but by default it is not appearing in Spotfire.


Is there a way to see the views by adding some commands in the connection url string itself Help and inputs areappreciated.




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Hi Ppanneerselv,For <region> I have us-east-1 in that place but for <staging_dir> I have no idea what to put in that field.  I have the connection string from the cloud developer but it kept giving me errors.  In attached the error below in hope you can see what I did wrong.

Cannot connect to data source 'AthenaTest', due to invalid configuration or that the data source is not running.
Database reported:
[simba][AthenaJDBC](100131) An error has been thrown from the AWS SDK client. SAML error: Failed to login ADFS. [Execution ID not available]


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