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Spotfire: Is it possible to use a filter and a property control on the same visualization

Xav Dou

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I would like to use a filter and a property control to apply 2 different filters on the same table in my visualization.

It works well if i use one or the other one but together it hides all the data.

It alsoworks well if i use a dropdown filter instead of a property control but i don't want the choice of "All" values in my filter (it is not available in a property control)

For the filter, i insert it in the text area and i use a List box filter to filercolumnA

For the property control, i create a document property with a dropdown list and i usethe "Limit Data using expression" in the table property to filter columnB.

Any idea how tol solve that

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Its definetly possible but from your description I can deduce that your Filter and Limiting Expression are filtering different items and in general if Filtering is applied to a visual with a data limting expression it will do an AND (Filtering = True and Limting=True) , what you want is (Filtering=True or Limiting =True) which is not possible.

You'll want to use two document properties and use both in a limiting expression to achieve your goal.


But yes please post an example dxp.

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Thank you @Kirstens and Tyger0951

I went for 2 property controls and the one where i wanted to keep the option "All", I got my solution there:https://community.spotfire.com/questions/it-possible-bring-all-option-drop-down-instead-none-option-tibco-spotfire

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