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Gauge's calculated value resets itself when I change filters or click on other text areas

Corinne Tamburis

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Hi all,

I have a problem with a Gauge's calculated value (defined as ratio of two colums): when I open the dxp, the gauge's calculated value correctly appears (fig. 1), but if I change any filters value or I click on another text area, the gauge's calculated value resets itself (fig. 2, where I uncheck two filters).

As js I used the following one:










//add scripts to head




init = function(){

//var perc = "55";

var g = new JustGage({

id: "gauge",

value: $('#calcValue').text().replace(',', '.'),

min: 0,

max: 100,

decimals: 2,

title: "Tasso Acquisizione Globale",

levelColors : [ "#FF0000", "#FFE000", "#00FF00" ],

levelColorsGradient: true,


pointer: true,

gaugeWidthScale: 0.7,

counter: true,

relativeGaugeSize: true,


//refresh gauge when calcvalue changes






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