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Spotfire & Tibco DV - Text Column Cannot Be Loaded

Tyger Guzman 2

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I have a SQL database that is introspected on Tibco DV. Two columns of a particular table areTEXT/CLOB datatype (in SQL sever and in Tibco DV)

Now the issue I have is when I connect Spotfire to my SQL server those two TEXT columns come through just fine.


But when I ty to import the data table into Spotfire from TDV I get the following Error :

External error:

Unable to map the following columns:

- Column 'DESCRIPTION' with data provider type '2005'

- Column 'COMMENTS' with data provider type '2005'

I have numerous tables/connections that I am trying to update and it's extremely time consuming to create views that Cast([column] as char(255)) to fix the Spotfire load.


Is there some other work around to get Spotfire to read TEXT datatype columns from Tibco DV

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