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Iron python script to get datatable from spotfire to csv

Afsarr rr

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i am using below script to generate csv from spotfire datafile but only file is being generate not the data. could you please help on this

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Export import DataWriterTypeIdentifiers

from System.IO import File

writer = Document.Data.CreateDataWriter(DataWriterTypeIdentifiers.ExcelXlsDataWriter)

table = Document.ActiveDataTableReference #OR pass the DataTable as parameter

filtered = Document.ActiveFilteringSelectionReference.GetSelection(table).AsIndexSet() #OR pass the filter

stream = File.OpenWrite("D:FILENAME.csv")

names = []

for col in table.Columns:


writer.Write(stream, table, filtered, names)


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For external table, you can use below script to export "comma" separated file. You can create a table visualization containing external data then export data from that visualization.


If you just want to export "tab" separated file, use simple script like below:


Spotfire 10.7 onwards, you can hide the page containing table visualization if you do not want to show it but still have export functionality in a button.

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