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Case when Join in TIBCO Spotfire Information designer.

kirpal singh manral

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I would like to implement below mentioned case when join in tibco spotfire infromation designer.

SELECT * from

sys.indexes i


sys.partitions p


i.index_id = p.index_id


sys.allocation_units a

ON a.container_id =


WHEN a.type IN (1, 3) THEN p.hobt_id

WHEN a.type IN (2) THEN p.partition_id



I am able to write a direct join but not sure how to write it using case statement.

Thanks in advance.

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You will need to create two join elements (using freehand join).

Join #1:%1=%2

where %1 is i.index_id and %2 isp.index_id

Join #2:%1=(case when %2 IN (1, 3) then %3when %2 IN (2) then %4 end)

where %1 isa.container_id; %2 isa.type; %3 isp.hobt_id and %4 isp.partition_id

When creating the information link, use all the 3 tables (i, p and a) and the two joins.

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