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Spotfire: create a filter drop-down or list box for a date column

Xav Dou

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I am trying to create afilter drop-down or list box in the text area by using a datetime column.

I am able to create a dropdown in the text area but when Iclick on any dates butIt does not filter the KPI or tables.

To create the dropdown filter i nthe text area, i did:

1. inserta property control

2. createa column propertiies

3. clicknew (add property name and date time as data type and i put a default value)

4. setpropety value through "unique values in column"

I wentin each visualizations properties and check the filter schemes to apply but it changes nothing

Any help


Otherwise, do you know how to drag and drop the filtersfrom the "Filters" in the text area The filter of the column datetime i want to use is there but idont want to use the "Filters"for esthetic reason.

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To use the drop-down list method, you will need to use a document property, rather than a column property in the text area. Also, you need to limit the visualization by this document property. Follow the steps below:


In the Text Area, insert a property control: Drop-down list.

Create a new Document Property (not a Column Property)for this control. The data type for this document property should match the data type of your datetime column.

Setpropety value through "unique values in column".

In your visualization, right click and go to Properties < Data.

Find "Limit data using expression" and click on "Edit" next to it.

Insert expression, for example:[myDateTime]=DocumentProperty("datetime") < OK.


To use a filter box in the text area, you need to:


In the Text Area, insert Filter.

Select the proper filtering scheme and column.


Note: If you wish to change the filter type (e.g. from slide bar to list box filter), go to the Filters panel, find the column and right click on it. Then change the filter type there.

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Thanks a lot @Shuting Fu it works for the first question


For the second point i knew i can change the filter type in the Filters panel but my question was how to do it in the text area. Is it possible to drag and drop the filters in the Filter panel into the text area

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