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Spotfire Library Geocodes | 7.11v

Shivam Goel

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I am using Spotfire 7.11 v and using map chart for mapping country and location.

Requirement :

have 2 map chart, one for country and another for location. If I click on country-India on one map chart I shall see India related cities on 2nd map chart and so on..

I have imported Spotfire geocodes to use/mapWorld countries and Cities withmy dashboard country and city column.


But facing some difficulties to map city from spotfire geocodes with my dashbaord City column. As for an example in geocode I am getting Bangalore but in my DB values it isBengaluru,Thiruvananthapuram in Spotfire geocodes andTrivandrum in my DB value so there is no match for these 2 values.

when I click on India - I am able to view only matched cities not the unmatched one so unmatched cities are getting missed.

my queryis :::imported geocodes for Spotfire 7.11 are the latest one andhow I can map world cities with my Spotfire cities, and where I need to do the change to work this functionality.

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The geocoding tables are generally updated when we update the Spotfire Server, so we are currently on 10.8. Looking at the World Cities table I do see both Bangalore and Bengaluru, but only Thiruvananthapuram (not Trivandrum). We get our geocoding tables from a third party, and they are limited to a certain extent based on size/population of the cities.


You can always add rows to the geocoding tables in your system so that they have all of the relevant data. If it's just a matter of a spelling discrepancy you could add a transformation to your data to make the spelling you get from your backend DB match what is in the geocoding tables.

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Thanks Kirsten.

while adding a new city through adding rows that is not listed in geocoding world cities table. Do I need to add all the column item list such as lattitude/longitude/continent/region etc in World Cities geocoding table to map with my city column

For an ex Noida is not listed as city under Country = 'India' in geocoding table so if I need to add Noida thenjust adding column value Noida and India will work in my map chart

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I also managed to calucalte Xmin,Ymin,Xmax,Ymax,Xcenter and Ycenter using spatial functions using geometry binary column

https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/10.0.0/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire_bauthor-consumer_usersguide/GUID-C39E3401-2CB7-4814-AC12-EE228295E59A.htmlbut for the city that we manually added, how we can get the geographic location for that.please guide

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