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Combine tables into one master (merge by rows)

Kristoffer Jensen

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I have two identical tables one for with pull from our internal system and one which is the same with manual data.

I want to merge these two into one in spotfire, enabling me to have one *MASTER' to work from.

My issue is that when I use the Add rows function, and change the manual table in my raw data and hit refresh it wont get updated

How can I ensure that when I refresh my spotfire data it takes date from both tables and do the merge

I hope this makes sense


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Join the two tables by using Column function and see if it works. I developed a report using two Views.One from the DB and the other from excel file local pc.Spotfire has a tool called ADS, my company has the ADS tool. So I used the ADS to create a view using my excel file as datasource, then create info link for each View, after that I use the Column function to join the two Views. I have done it for 3 different reports with no problems. Check the ADS tool out.
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