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Spotfire dual language functionality

Manju Goyal 2

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I need your guidance on an investigation I amdoing around dual language functionality (mainly around English Vs Spanish) within Spotfire. I have 2 questions both around web client functionality and analyst client:



Is it possible to change all the standard controls in spotfire in both web client and analyst client in a user preferred language

Is it possible to change the entire dashboard language in a user preferred language and not just the standard spotfire controls in spotfire web client and analyst client



A preliminary investigation as highlighted in https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/10.3.3/doc/pdf/TIB_sfire_server_10.3.3_languagepacks-installation.pdfid=6 allowed me to change standard spotfire controls in analyst in one language. But when the web browser language was changed, the spotfire could not render changed language. As per above link, I guess that Spotfire supports multiple language using TIBCO Language Pack. Am not sure if my companyhas license for Language Pack. Spotfire Web client auto recognizes the browser language and renders the report if Language Pack is installed. I am not however sure if it works, how effective it is and what of the above 2 mentioned happen.

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