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SF10 CSS Table Rendering Issues with IE11

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We currently have a CSS table that is shown at the page of each dashboard (over the top menu bar). This table was rendering correctly with Spotfire 7, however now that we have migrated to Spotfire 10.3, the table is not rendered correctly(not visible) when viewed with IE 11 - there are no issues when viewed with Chrome, IE Edge etc. I have tried changing the position to absolute and playing around with the z-index, but it doesn't seem to help. I'd appreciate any help with this problem!

The css code is as follows:


"font-family": "'Calibri'",

"font-size": "12px",

"position": "fixed",

"right": "0",

"margin": "0",

"padding": "0",

"width": "100%",

"background": "#0079c1",


"height": "40px",

"top": "0px",


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