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Combination Chart with two sets of Temporal data

Phil Price

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Firstly, let me say that I am new to Spotfire. I am just in the process of learning while at the same time creating some views that will be used to analyse business data. I have come across my first problem that I have not been able to solve via Google.

I have a combination chart that plots two sets of data:


Number of failures per month/year - this uses a set of date data called Failure Date.

Number of units in operation per month/year - this uses a set of date data called Born Date.


What I want to achieve is to display a bar graph showing the number of failures/month over time. I thenwant to overlay a curve showing the cumulative sum of units in operation at the particualr time. The iead is to have a visualisation showing number of failures referenced against the number of units in service. Simple right Easy to do in Excel.

I have managed to get the visualisation half working. I can display the failures as bars and I can show the cumulative curve. However, I can't get both visual elementsto be correct at the same time and I suspect that it is something to with NOT being able to referencetwo sets of different temporal data on the same Axis X.

So, my first question is: Is it possible to build custom expressions that run on the graph that use OVER AllPrevious but on two different sets of data data If it is possible can someone show me how.

Mamy thanks


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