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How to get rid of "(Empty)" from Graphical Table

Julia Varkey

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Created a graphical table that has percentages in three columns, however when one of the columns is blank that specific cell says "(Empty)" in the graphical table.


Is there anyway to get that specific cell to just be blank without saying "(Empty)".

Tried doing a custom expression using a case when and if statement however the data itself is numeric, so if I try to put an N/A or anything it errors and won't allow me to do the custom expression, because of different data types.

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You can either change entire integer column to string in order to show blank i.e. THEN SN(String([Value]),'') or just add rule in calculated value to color "[Axis.Value] is null" to white so it is not seen


You can also try some javascript approach. This is with cross table so for graphical table you would need to search for relevant div ids.



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