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Using IronPython to create a "Timelapse"

Federico Verrastro

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I have a question regarding a funtionality of Buttons in text areas and IronPython Scripts.


I have a date range filter and I want it to automaticaly update every 2 seconds (like a timelapse). The idea is to view the data as it came in.


I tried implementing this code but it only updates once it is done:


import time


x = DateMin


while x < DateMax:


x = x.AddHours(3)

rangeFilter.ValueRange = ValueRange(DateMin,x)


Being DateMax and DateMin the low and high of the datefilter. At first I had a problem with the condition but I also tried implementing with a "for i in range(10)" loop and the result is shown only at the end of the loop (it actualy takes 20s to run it).


Is there a way for it to update on every step I also tried checking and unchecking the "Execute in transaction" box but to no avail.


Kind regards,



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You might have to use a JavaScript to trigger the IronPython script instead of sleep() in the script.

To do this,

1. Wrap your button in text area around a div with an id say 'myBtn'

2. Insert a JavaScript as

setInterval(function () {

$("#myBtn .sf-element ").trigger("click");

}, 20000);

There are certain limitations of using javascripts like above and these scripts must be tested in each version and not something officially supported

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Thank you, it did work!!


The only further question i would have is how to make it stop, it keeps runing whatever I do. I'm not literate in JS and i can't find a way of controling it with IronPython.


Edit: I've tried adding a property control dropdown input box which id = "OnOff" and tried the following code:


var OnOff = $("#OnOff .ComboBoxTextDivContainer div").text()
alert('Drop down >> ' + OnOff)

while (OnOff == "True") {
setInterval(function () {
	$("#myBtn .sf-element  ").trigger("click");
}, 2000);





However it doesnt work. I dont really understand why though.



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