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Horizontal Line for avg of all values, not just Avg(Y)

Steve Fernandez

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Took me a while to understand what the complaint was with my chart. Turns out the Horizontal Line function from Lines & Curves is drawing it's line based on the average of all resultant values of Y. This is inaccurate. It should be, or we should have the option to select, the average based on all the values.

Aside from submitting to Ideas, is there any workaround (currently on 7.11 LTS) to get a line that represents the avg of all values Things like a calculated column won't work for a % calculation that has to span the entire data set of the time period and filter options. I tried Curve from Data Table and a Custom cruve, but that didn't work either.

Seems like others would have wrestled with this same "feature" of Spotfire.

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