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Wildcard in information link (with document property)

Matt Semmens 2

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Good afternoon,

I want to use a document property in a data on demand information link.


User uses 18 digit product code

System uses an extended 27 digit version of the product code which users are unaware of

Input field for a document property (ProductReference)

Use the document property in the data on demand settings, adding an "*", see below


Column to filter by: PRODUCT_REFERENCE

Expression: "${ProductReference}"&"*"

Limited by active filtering scheme: No

Limited by: (None)

Update behavior: Manual

Caching allowed: Yes

Last reload: 11/02/2020 13:38


No data is returned.

I have also tried just pointing the data on demand at the document property, and putting an asterisk in the field, however this doesn't yield any results either. However, if I type the full 27 digit version of the product code (which normal users wouldn't know) I get results.

How can I make this wildcard search function correctly with document property & data on demand

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