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Internal Table to Pandas Database

Dimitri Critsinelis

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I am currently pulling multiple tables from SQL and adding columns to one data table (stored in-memory), so Ihave one big table that i can refresh and get new data. I am trying to get this table into a pandas dataframe so i can add calculated columns using python. Im pretty new to spotfire, but i have have pandas already installed, anyone have any example code or can provide guidance i would greatly appreciate it.

This is how i normally pull data with pandas using excel.

import pandas as pd


# Inputs and Outputs

input = 'Daily Frac Data.xlsx'

output = 'Daily Frac Summary.xlsx'


# Master Data frame

df = pd.read_excel(input, header=4)

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input parameter should be defined in parameters section pointing to spotfire table which you would like to call using pandas.

Also, for creating spotfire calculated columns you do not need python. You can directly import data from SQL to spotfire and create custom calculated columns from Data > Add calculated column or Data > Column Properties > Insert > Calculated Column

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