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Spotfire Text Area - How to make sure a Calculated Value is fully loaded/ready

jack deng

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I can currently building my own custom KPI charts using HTML, CSS and JS in Text Area, and need to insert calculated values into the text area as



While I am applying some JavaScript functions based on the SpotfireControl tag, how can I ensure that the SpotfireControl tag is fully loaded/have data

My problem is sometimes that tag does not have any data, and it all depends on luck..


(I have been trying windows.onload, body onload... all these kind of events, nothing worked)

It would be great if you can give some advises.


Thank you


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You can use setinterval method to check every specific ms if calculated value is loaded or not then execute the corresponding action in script


$(function() {





$("#load :first-child").click();

}, 1000);





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