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Python script, toggle specific vertical lines from data table on and off

Carson King

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Hi, I have vertical lines on a bar chart referencing a data table and a specific column for the line positions.

Looking for a python script to toggle on and off specific vertical lines on the chart based on filtering in another column in the same data table

I have looked into this but I am stuck at this point

#I have the visualization parameter defined as vis, butpart this doesnt work in removing the vertical lines, (gives no error message in the output)

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import *

bc = vis.As[barChart]()

for fm in bc.FittingModels:

if fm.TypeId.DisplayName == "Vertical Line":


if fm.Line.DisplayName == "Completed Date":


#Once this works then I want to have a script that toggles on/off certain vertical lines based on valuesinanother column in the same data table

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