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Exporting real comma separated files. Not separated with tabs as it is now.

Frederik Bloemendal

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I have a spotfire view and want to export this to an .csv file. As the name says csv, comma separated !!!


Using the "save as" function the file is not comma separated but tab separated. I can't find an option/setup to change this separator in a comma.

Is this a bug or hidden feature and how do I get comma's i.o. tabs in my export file

This is probably a preference somewhere but I can not find it.



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Hello Frederik,


This functionality was added in Spotfire 10.1 for the installed (Analyst) client - idea https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/SPF-I-292 - but it is not yet available in the web client.

I just created an idea specifically for making this functionality available in the web client as well - https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/TS-I-7602- so you might want to vote for that one


Best Regards


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