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Delta-Sigma Analysis Using TIBCO Spotfire

Chetan Arvind Patil

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Hi All,

Has anyone done Delta-Sigma analysis using TIBCO Spotfire

The data set I have is a test data take across two different products and what to capture variation using Delta-Sigma. Also, want to understand importance and use of such analysis.

Please can anyone share if there are any better ways to do it using TIBCO Spotfire

Thank you.

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Hi Chetan, Here is a screenshot of a Delta-Sigma analysis that was done with Spotfire. I don't have the .dxp file, but I hope this gives you an idea of how it can be used and what it would look like in Spotfire.

The goal is to compare 2 sets of test parameters from different product, process, equipment, etc.The analysis shows differences in variability between all parameters in the 2 sets.


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