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Using web explorer instead of Spotfire Analyst

Luis Eduardo Leon Barcenas

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Hi, I'm newbie in this product, and I would like to know if there is a way to do the same analysis of my data as in Tibco Spotfire Analyst, but accessing the server using a web interface. I undesrtand that there is something called Web Player, and I'm aware that once I publish an analysis to the library in Spotfire Analyst I can generate a visualization accesible using a URL, but is it possible to have the total functionality of Spotfire Analyst using a web prowser instead of installing the spotfire client
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Ideally one is expected to use Spotfire Analyst to develop analysis files. However you may also be interested in using TIBCO Spotfire Business Author should you want to develop analysis from the web interface iteslf. It surely would not allow you to analyze data as much as you are able to from Spotfire Analyst.

From https://edelivery.tibco.com/storefront/eval/tibco-spotfire-business-auth...

TIBCO Spotfire Business Author

TIBCO Spotfire Business Author enables authoring and analytics through the web-browser. Requires: TIBCO Spotfire Server. TIBCO Spotfire Business Author is a Right to Use (RTU) product and the software functionality is delivered as part of the TIBCO Spotfire Server.

Some more resources:

Business Author - A Web-based Authoring Tool



You might want to check below knowledge base article for more details/clarification:

Overview of TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, TIBCO Spotfire Consumer, TIBCO Spotfire Business Author, and TIBCO Spotfire Desktop.



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You can also look overhttps://community.spotfire.com/wiki/tibco-spotfire-javascript-api-overviewwhich allows you to leverage Spotfires Javascript API to display pages from the webplayer on self made HTML/ASPX pages.


While this still uses the webplayer it pulls the visuals through the API so you can create the layout and function in the custom webpage and only pull in pages/elements needed from the published analysis.

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