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Is it possible to detail table in Spotfire which include columns from two data

Alexander Bogachov

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Good afternoon! I have two data tables those have similar columns and different values. I create right mathes and relations between them. I create crosstable with 2 columns from two tables. Then I create another crosstable, and set the marking. When I click on row on the second table, the value is changing only for one column of th first table. How could I detalize the second column
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That behavior is as per design. When fetching from secondary data table in visualization, it is only based on column matches seen in Data section


In your case, column match would only be on subindicator column as it is used in visualization. Now you are limiting data based on Company column which is not present in cross table so Value2 records corresponding to X or Y company value would not be fetched.

To resolve this issue, you can use any of the two approaches:

1) Insert Value 2 column in table 1 from table 2 as all rest of the columns are already matching.


2) Use Company column in details crosstable as well so column match on company column gets considered. If you want to hide that company column, you can do that with small iron python script like below:

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import CrossTablePlot

vis.As[CrossTablePlot]().RowHeaderWidths.Item[0]=0where vis is a script parameter referencing details cross table visualization.

Above iron python script hides company column by making its width 0. From UI, you will only be able to set mininum width as 30. Keep Company column in first position from left.

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