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How to show which products customer did not purchase in Spotfire.

Rafferty Lim

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I have imported a file which shows each item that every customer purchased for the past 2 years. The data only has the specific items which every customer bought. The items which a specific customer did not buy is not specifically mentioned in the data. My question is it is possible to show which items a specific customer is has not bought on Spotfre Maybe through a table



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There are likely a lot of different ways you could do this, depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve.


Assuming that you have one table of purchases and one with all products, you could simply create a relation between those two (in my example below on Product ID), to visually see which products have been purchased and which hasn't by marking a customers purchases.In the example below, I mark customer #1 purchases (blue) in the Purchases table to the left and then I can see in the Products table to the right which ones had been bought (marked blue) and which ones had not been bought (no marking)


If you want to do calculations on it, be able to filter etc, you might want to just merge the data (e.g. add columns from one table to the other), and add transformations (in my example below, I used pivot and unpivot) to get the structure you need - to e.g. get the products that had not been purchased become data points that a customer had bought 0 items of.


Best Regards


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