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Config block filter is applied before row level security when opening in webplayer

Jesse Small

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I am currently using row level security by "adding columns" to my main data table and performing an inner join to filter out any data that the user is not supposed to see. This works fine and loads the data as expected. I am caching the analysis in the webplayer and have ensured that my user information link is updated for each new user and not included in scheduled updates.

If I open the analysis with no config block filters all the data is loaded as expected.

The problem occurs when I try to use the SetFilter feature of the config block, it applies the filter to the correct column but it looks as though its being applied to an empty data set.

It says (filtered 0 of # results). If I remove the filter and re-apply it everything works fine.


Based on this information it looks as though the config block filter is being applied before the dataset can be correctly filtered based on the personalized information link.

I am wondering if this is a bug or how I can apply my initial filters and ensure they are applied AFTER the dataset has been filtered by the personalized information link.


Let me know if you need me to provide any information.

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You can try setting document property value in config block and trigger set filter iron python script on change of document property value (instead of passing filter value in config block)so in the meantime row level security would get applied and then iron python would set appropriate filter value.

Iron Python references:



Also, you can try modifying row level security application to be handled only by filters and not by adding any joins/columns so that would reduce execution time on loading of analysis.


This would work for single column as well.

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