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We are planning to change the IP address of the servers.

Swathi -

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Hi All


We are planning to change the IP address of the servers. We have a load balancer that is handling web servers in our environment. Can you please help me in understanding what changes might be required in spotfire servers after IP address is changed.


note: we are using host name in config files instead of IP addresses.



Swathi Lakshmi Rangudu

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Hi Swathi,

I stringly suggest you test this first in a DEV or TEST environment, if possible.

I think you should at least consider 3 changes in your environment, after the ip addresses have changed. First of all, the spotfire server configuration need to be pointed to the new ip addresses. That may very well depend on how you have set up Spotfire in the first place though. If you have used the server name, you may well be fine without making a change...

If you used the ip addresses instead, you may try to change these in the server.xml file or via the Configuration Tool.

The second step is are the node manager servers. Here you also need to change the reference to the Spotfire server ip addresses. You have to check the nodemanager.properties file for any reference on the ip addresses (and change them accordingly).

Thirdstep is the reference in the Load Balancer.

If nothing works, or parts are not working, you may need to reinstall the Spotfire software from scratch or perform an update of the software.

Kind regards,


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