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How to implement the "aRpsDCA" package into a DXP file

Georgi Koemdzhiev

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Hello, I am trying to figure out how one can consume the"aRpsDCA" R package to generate a Decline Curve Analysis. Currently, I am trying to replace the code from "Simple Decline Curve Analysis Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire" by simply utilising the"aRpsDCA" package. However, I have no R experience.


This is TIBCO's R code:

# Inputs

# col.Date # [Analysis Data].[${well.date}]

# col.Production # [Analysis Data].[${well.production}]


# Outputs

# Hyp.qi

# Hyp.b

# Hyp.Di



Hyp.q.forward.fun = function( time, Hyp.qi, Hyp.b, Hyp.Di ){ # time in days

# Peter Shaw

# e.g. SPE 98042 (4)

Hyp.q.theo = Hyp.qi*(1 + Hyp.b*Hyp.Di*time)^(-1/Hyp.b)




residfun = function(x,x.days,y.prod){

Hyp.qi = x[1]

Hyp.b = x[2]

Hyp.Di = x[3]

q.theo = (365.25/12)*Hyp.q.forward.fun(





#plot(x.days,y.prod); lines(x.days,q.theo)

residual = sqrt(sum((q.theo-y.prod)^2))




min.data = 3


result = data.frame(

time.days = numeric(0),

time.months = numeric(0),

production = numeric(0),

theo = numeric(0)


Hyp.qi =as.numeric(NA)

Hyp.b =as.numeric(NA)

Hyp.Di.daily =as.numeric(NA)



ok = length(col.Production)>0

if(ok) ok = length(col.Date) == length(col.Production)



u.order = order(col.Date)


col.Date = col.Date[u.order]

col.Production = col.Production[u.order]


t.days = as.numeric(difftime(col.Date,min(col.Date),units="days"))

t.months = round(t.days*12/365.25)


u0 = which.max(col.Production)

u = u0:length(col.Production)


x.months = t.months

x.days = t.days

y.prod = col.Production


x0 = c(y.prod[1]*12/365.25,1.00,0.005)


optim.result = optim(

par = x0,


x.days=x.days, y.prod=y.prod



Hyp.qi = optim.result$par[1]*(365.25/12) # Monthly

Hyp.b = optim.result$par[2]

Hyp.Di.daily = optim.result$par[3]

Hyp.Di.annual = optim.result$par[3]*365.25 # Annualized


result = data.frame(

time.days = x.days,

time.months = x.months,

production = y.prod



And this is what I currently have:




t = col.Date # one year, in days

q nominal conversion and change units

Di = as.nominal(0.75, from.period = "year", to.period = "day"),

b = 1.5,



)Above, I have simply tried to use the col.Date & col.Production input parameters but I am quite sure that the code is wrong. Can somebody with more R experience help me here

I have followed this article on implementing the"aRpsDCA" package

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