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TIBCO announces the release of TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0

Steve Barber

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Today (Tuesday March 31, 2015), TIBCO announces the release of TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0 -- the industry's first data mart for Fast Data. Ithelps businesses capture value from streaming data and respond faster to opportunities and threats, while it still matters.


Watch these "getting started" videos to see how quickly you can create a project with Live Datamart 2.0.


(1) Jump-Start with Wikipedia Monitoring

Watch this short introductory video featuring Wikipedia monitoring to quickly familiarize yourself with resources available in Live Datamart.


(2) From Blank To Running

In just 14 minutes, Chief Architect Eddie Galvez walks you through each step of project creation, including getting up and running on Live Datamart Server and setting up a view of your project on LiveView Desktop.


(3) Build Your Own Interface with Java Script APIs

Mark Wiley, principal engineer and architect, shows you how to incorporatereal-time analytics in a web application that runs on various web browsers and mobile devices.

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This Answer post was migrated from a prior version of TIBCO Community that didn't have Wiki functionality, just discussion threads.

This answer to the Question is just here so that this Answer post doesn't appear as an unanswered question, which seems appropriate as there was no anticipated answer to this announcement post on the prior website.

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