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12Overlay Time Series/Chromatogram Data (X-axis data is not the same for each sample)

Michael Reichman

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I have chromatography / time series data. I would like to overlay chromatograms to compare different samples.

The exported data has x and y data for each sample. But the x-axis data is not the same for all samples so I can't use a common x-axis.

I would also like to be able to use the filter to filter in/out the lines for each sample.

See attached example in excel.

There are 3 samples.

Colum A is the x-axis for Sample A, Column B is the y-axis for Sample A

Column C is thex-axis for Sample B,Column Dis the y-axis for Sample B

Column Eis thex-axis for Sample C,Column Fis the y-axis for Sample C

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